Free Matching Game for CC Cycle 1 History – Greek Gods/Roman Gods


Time for another freebie! My daughter was having a bit of trouble remembering which Roman gods match with which Greek gods, so I made a matching game for her to practice. You can cut these out, laminate them, and use them as three-part cards (Montessori style) to create a fun matching game. Or, if you like, you can cut them out and use them as part of a lap book. We have a Classical Conversations three-ring binder. My daughter completes all sorts of fun activities throughout the year and we glue them into the binder. It functions as equal parts study aid, learning journal, and home school record keeping. However you choose to use them, I hope you enjoy!

CLICK HERE to Download Greek and Roman Gods Matching Game

Also, just in case you missed my post for week 3, I have to throw out one more recommendation for this awesome book on Animal Cells. It was, by far, my favorite purchase for Week 3. It is inexpensive and it does a fabulous job of explaining the parts of an animal cell and how the organelles work in a way that the average 3rd – 8th grader can understand.

CLICK HERE to Add “Animal Cells” to Your Amazon Wish List


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